Tap into the Global Clinical Laboratory Services market: an estimated

$186.1 billion, which is poised to reach $218.2 billion by 2021.

There are approximately 8,000 independent medical and diagnostic laboratories in the U.S. alone that generate over $55 billion in annual revenue.

Medical laboratories are vital to our healthcare sector. Industry operators provide healthcare practitioners with information concerning the onset, severity, and cause of patients’ ailments and illnesses. Industry growth is due to the aging population and greater funding for preventative medicine. Over the next decade, the industry’s value-based initiative (VBI), which measures the industry’s contribution to the overall economy, is expected to increase at alarming rates.

Inspire Global has partnered with MedPoint Laboratories. MedPoint has a national network of clinical laboratories and laboratory partners who provide clinically relevant tests, at a rapid pace, to enable affordable,

high- quality diagnostics to every patient. MedPoint’s network of labs offer the highest quality of service to their clients in today’s marketplace because we contract with the best and most efficient labs nationwide, reliable services such as timely results’ reporting, tracking of specimen, and their stellar customer care make our network extremely unique and efficient.

MedPoint’s software provides instant insurance verification and live tracking which greatly increases the overall quality of service and reporting while reducing discrepancies to the provider and increasing efficiency, which enables them to deliver extremely reliable results to patients everywhere.

As an Inspired Global Associate, you can enroll hospitals, physicians, surgical centers, and other medical facilities into this cutting-edge, advanced testing solution.

When you decide to Inspire Life by offering the best medical laboratory technology available in the healthcare sector, you decide to change your life and the lives of others!

The Inspire iLife Package can be purchased for $179.95/$39.95mth after you enroll as an Inspire Global IBO/Member. This will also include The Inspire Global Telehealth Program.