with inspire ilife telehealth, a doctor is always with you:

at an estimated $29.6 billion, telehealth is poised to reach $66.1 billion by 2023.


Telemedicine is arguably the greatest economic and health care opportunity of our time. This disruptive technology has changed the face of health care forever, as it has opened up vast new opportunities for doctors and patients alike. Within the ever-changing health care landscape, organizations are spending significant resources to enroll new members and drive utilization of these cost savings programs. With texting the preferred communication channel for younger people and ethnic groups, developing a mobile-first strategy is key.

Inspire Global iLife Telehealth is changing the face of telehealth, mobile medicine and telemedicine one patient at a time.

Our physicians are capable of taking patient calls via audio or video on a computer or tablet.  All go through extensive training to ensure a comfort level in technology that assures the patient of a smooth and efficient consult that provides a satisfactory resolution.



Our Physician Network

Inspire Global iLife Telehealth provides 24/7 access to board certified physicians – from Family Medicine to Pediatrics, we’ve got you covered. Our high tech-high touch philosophy combines state of the art HIPAA compliant HD video conferencing with physicians who have an average of 10 years of experience, offering the best possible care. With our average response times of less than 15 minutes patients no longer have to think about driving to the nearest urgent care center or ER to sit around for an hour waiting to spend 5 minutes with a doctor when 95% of the time the patient knows what the problem is anyway.

Our doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and write non-DEA controlled prescriptions to be picked up at a pharmacy near you. So, whether you’re traveling, too sick to get out of bed or can’t take off work you’ll still have access to dependable health care.


Your Problems Our Solutions

Many physicians find themselves in situations of giving free medical advice after-hours. Not only is this undocumented, but it also can become a liability. With Inspire Global iLife Telehealth, our providers are part of a network of highly trained practitioners and your expectations will be met in the way you receive care. Mobile consultations provide patients with the convenience they're looking for while helping our physicians to continue to provide excellent healt hcare. Inspire Global iLife Telehealth is not insurance, but simply a better way for individuals to get the care they need quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

The Inspire iLife Package can be purchased for $39.95mth after you enroll as an Inspire Global IBO/Member.